[Museum] David Lynch: Between Two Worlds

By Frankey

Showing at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art
14 March – 7 June 2015

Over the Easter break, I was fortunate enough to have my flight back to Melbourne delayed by six hours. Not one to sit around and mope, I took advantage of the situation and fancied a visit to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art to see David Lynch’s “Between Two Worlds” among other exhibits.

Here are some of the highlights of my visit:

DSC00359-1 (Custom)

The Alice in Wonderland entrance…

DSC00370-1 (Custom)

DSC00372-1 (Custom)

DSC00379-1 (Custom)

DSC00387-1 (Custom)

DSC00390-1 (Custom)

DSC00394-1 (Custom)

DSC00395-1 (Custom)

DSC00405-1 (Custom)

DSC00408-1 (Custom)

DSC00413-1 (Custom)

DSC00416-1 (Custom)

DSC00384-1 (Custom)

For when your Spielberg coffee just won’t do.

All photography taken by Frankey Chung on his Sony RX100M3.

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