The Urban Scrapbook is a commentary on life and all its intricacies. From the quiet pleasure of an engrossing novel, to the heightened sensations of a thoughtfully designed dish, and everything from fashion to film, this is a collective of the things that make us human.

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Who are we?



Prone only to the temptations of a fine chocolate, strong lattes and the clarity of a gin Martini (with a twist): Frankey loves the beach, doin’ it for the kicks, and is in a state of constant exploration. He’s a dude who appreciates the beauty in the subtleties as life is a creative pursuit. Everything from fashion design, to his endless chase of writing the great Australian novel. Because it’s the thought that counts, the laugh that makes it, and never holding back.


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Mai can be found wandering through a bookstore or sipping her drink at a speakeasy bar. She is of high temperament, and often her mouth runs faster than her brain. Quick to incite, but also just as quick to laugh at herself. An utterly hopeless romantic, she’s on an endless chase to experience every nuance of life. Love, forgive, but never forget that she’s a work in progress, and oftentimes a contradiction and an opinionated mess. C’est la vie, it’s messy, complicated, and beautiful in all its glory.


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