[Film] Furious 7

By Frankey and Mai

First released in Australia on 2 April 2015
Directed by James Wan
Running time: 140 minutes

Frankey says: I’m gonna pull a quickie on this one and only say a few words.

Furious 7 represents the perfect mix of nostalgia and action, all neatly tucked into a film that never deviates from its original formula. Cheesiness abound, I couldn’t help but feel like a little kid on the edge of my seat. I never wanted to leave the adrenaline pumping car-chases. This is exactly what a senseless action movie should be about: spurring you on to drift all the way home. True props to the cast and crew, because in the end, it is the most fitting tribute to Paul Walker.

Mai says: It has been 14 years and six films since I fell in love with Paul Walker, fast cars and reformed bad boys. Furious 7 did not fail to disappoint in taking me back to those teenage years.

Director James Wan (“Saw”, “Insidious”) dares us not to laugh at the sheer insanity of the elaborate automotive stunts. The action comes so fast and too furious that as an audience member you may lose track of the plot among all the explosions, overturned cars, missiles and drones. But admit it, you didn’t pay to see the movie for a plot. This is unabashedly mindless entertainment, outrageous stunt and cheesy one liners. Yes, they did drop cars out of a plane. Yes, they did drop a bus off the side of a cliff and yes, that was a real person running up the side of that bus.

The movie could have been ghoulish but instead it was fun, action-packed and dealt with Walker’s death with finesse and a continual reminder that those within the movie were not just actors but ‘familia’. Cue the nostalgic tears.

Cover art sourced from Universal Pictures. 

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