[Comedy] Scott Dooley – Eva

By Frankey and Mai

Performed live on 17 April 2015 at Victorian Trades Hall as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF).

Mai says: I walked in not expecting much and walked out still holding my sides from laughter.

In his stand-up routine you get a sense that he is a guy that cannot switch off or take a breath. The constant flux of the show epitomises a cleverness but manic approach to his comedy where he does not stop to revel in the success of a punchline. Depression, loneliness, self-conceptualisation and love – there is a darker and human undercurrent to his stories that as a true comedian he touches upon with dry sarcasm, brushes off with flippant anecdotes and leaves the room in stitches as he actually went there and said that.

Its a shame that he will not be touring in Australia for the foreseeable future as Dools is definitely worth catching.

Frankey says: As I walked into the venue, an anti-scalper tried offloading free comedy show tickets on me like I was in desperate need of a laugh. Can’t a guy walk down the street these days without being offered free tickets? Anyway, I told the lady that I already had tickets for another show. She asked me who I was seeing, but for the life of me I couldn’t answer her – I’d forgotten his name.

That’s how much I knew or cared about Scott Dooley prior to his performance. I was an ignorant fool. Things weren’t too promising when we sat down, either – a meagre crowd of approximately 30 people paled in comparison to Ronny Chieng’s thousands.

But mate, let me tell you, after seeing what he had to offer, I was blown away, my sides reeling with pain. Scott Dooley is a bloody comedic talent. It’s a surefire sign of how great of an impact a comedian makes on you, when you can’t help but Google absolutely everything about him online afterwards. Which is tough, because there’s not that much out there. What I did find out was that this might just be his last tour in Melbourne for a long time. Now that would be a shame – but mostly on my part, because I don’t really deserve Scott Dooley. But he’s a genuine comedian, and I hope he never stops. He is a genius. And funny as all hell.

Check out the trailer for Scott Dooley’s “DEBUT” below:

Cover art by Frankey Chung

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