[Cafe] Filter by Small Batch

By Frankey

555 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

It’s difficult to find yourself anywhere in the Melbourne CBD without a place to go for a latte. Even Woolworths in Southern Cross has a barista. Really, how much of a coffee-snob you are determines how far you might need to walk. I work up at the west end of Collins street and am fortunate enough to have a strong selection of cafes within throwing distance. The Grain Store and Pallet Espresso are two of the newest additions to the foray and they each offer their own characteristic coffees to cater to your caffeine addiction. Pallet Espresso does particularly well on the penny-pincher front, choosing not to charge you extra for soy or an extra shot. But both of these places rely on the Espresso machine system, and we’ve all been brought up to believe that this is the only way to make a good coffee. Indeed, images of the percolated American-style coffees do nothing to jiggle the tastebuds.

So how does Filter fit in a world of high-pressured, intense-flavoured and Melbourne-biased espresso coffee? By focusing on subtlety, that’s how. In fact, Filter is so fundamentally simple at its core that it doesn’t offer your traditional coffee varieties like mochas or soy. Filter’s daily driver is the Candyman Espresso Blend from Small Batch Roasting Co, and in a latte it really comes through as fruity and crisp. It’s hard to particularly distinguish how the filtered brew differentiates from the espresso machine, but it’s probably good enough that you can’t tell. Pricing is relatively competitive at $3.50 for a regular strong latte.

Much of the beauty of coffee in Melbourne is competitive variety, and Filter adds a worthy alternative should you find yourself in the area.

Cover art sourced from http://www.sprudge.com

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