[Cafe] Göz City

By Frankey

502 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Located a short stroll down Little Collins street past King Street is an unassuming hole in the wall. But come lunch time, the assembly of hungry gawkers begins to line the entrance and you begin to wonder what sorcery must exude from this previously undiscovered City. Because what exactly is göz? Your curiosity gets the better of you and you saunter over to the inconspicuous establishment and find what looks like a dedicated team of chef-hands kneading and folding delicate bundles of savoury pastry through a clear front window. Oh yeah, gözleme, I know what that is. Meanwhile, a chef-hand carefully sprinkles an array of fillings, before folding and handing it over to the next chef-hand in the chain. They masterfully lay the completed product onto a pan that you can only assume will magically deliver the infamous golden gözleme.

The gözleme (pronounced gerz-leh-meh) is the signature dish of this establishment – and rightly so. You’ll likely be accustomed to it in some form or another – be it during your visits to the Queen Victoria Market, or while on your trip to Europe and the Middle East that one time. Fortunately, Göz City does gözleme right. The pastry is subtle and fresh, and its fillings deliciously apt. Their selection of boreks might also appeal to you, and they also cater to Turkish coffee lovers.

At $10 a pop for their signature gözlemes, it’s the perfect place to gorge on decadent mid-week carbs.

Cover art sourced from http://www.gozcity.com.au

Goz City on Urbanspoon

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