[Musical] The Lion King

By Frankey

Musical by Irene Mecchi and Roger Allers.
Performed at the  Capital Theatre, Sydney in 2014.

The Lion King as a stage production is nothing new. It first opened in 1997 and was last in Melbourne about 10 years ago. Fortunately, I had the privilege of seeing what a contemporary take on this production looked like like during a recent stint in Sydney.

The Lion King is both innovative and creative in its delivery from the technically crafted costume designs, to the immersive beyond-the-stage interaction of its characters; you’ll be in a constant stage of wonder. Set design is particularly playful, with inflatable sets and stairwells all used to magical effect and occasionally combined with a cheeky backdrop of shadow puppets. The cast is stellar, with a particularly standout performance from Buyi Zama (Rafiki) who will stun you with her complex vocals.

It is in the theatre that you find experiential entertainment that you just can’t get from a movie or Foxtel subscription; and it’s here that The Lion King surpasses the euphoria of a fast-tracked Game of Thrones finale episode any day of the week.

Chances are you’ve seen the movie and you’ll recognise a lot of the songs and lines. If you haven’t, then I envy your opportunity to experience the story for the first time live on stage. Either way, do yourself a favour and consider this a must-see on your 2015 events calendar, even if you were there for its first run 10 years ago, or anywhere else in the world.

Cover art sourced from http://disney.wikia.com/

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