[Interview] Vanessa Gerrie 

By Frankey

For a particular cohort of the fashion writing industry, there exists a responsibility to go deeper into the ethical agenda. It’s the readily acknowledged, yet oft-evaded, push-pull of the commercial pursuit against the integrity of ART. Fashion is a business at the end of the day, and it’s not generally a popular endeavour to shine light on the blatant shortcomings of something as simply egregious as the $5 t-shirt. This investigative element of fashion writing is perhaps an emerging discipline, but there are many who are leading the charge, including that of Vanessa Gerrie, who’s driven by an academic yet accessible approach.

Recently accepted among a talented few for VAMFF’s 2017 Fashion Writing Series, I caught up with Vanessa Gerrie (currently based in Wellington) over Facebook Messenger to find out more about what inspires her as a writer.


Screenshots from Frankey’s Google Pixel.

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