[Interview] Hannah Cole from hannahrose.blog

By Frankey

This year marks VAMFF’s third Fashion Writing Series, in which five aspiring mentees (myself included) were given the rare privilege of being mentored by some of Australia’s most influential journalists and writers. It’s been a bit of a crazy ride, and we’ve all had our own uniquely flavoured experiences.

Fashion moves at the speed of social change, and so too must the way we write. Briony Wright said it rather inspiringly that as writers, we have a responsibility to elevate the fashion industry. Hannah Rose is aspiring to do just that by ‘exploring the sustainably-led fashion side of life’ at her blog hannahrose.blog.

Since Hannah’s based in Sydney, I wasn’t able to interview her in person. So I decided to try something a little unconventional. I decided to interview her over SMS. It’s raw. It’s unedited (typos included). And it’s candid.

Here it is:


Screenshots from Frankey’s Google Pixel.

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