[Concert] Emma Louise

By Frankey and Mai

Performed live on 8 October 2016 at The Corner Hotel

Frankey says:

Emma Louise is a generational talent. She exhibits a kind of otherworldly artistic ability that transcends the confines of the concaved stage. Here at The Corner Hotel, Emma rebuilds what it means to perform a gig – not simply because it is something to be done, but because this is what defines her.

This is no traditional concert. This is a transformation of the space between singer and audience. It is the embodiment of performance art, painted against the aural tones of Emma’s faultless voice and self-assured confidence that feels ever so reminiscent of a seasoned artist. Contemporary dancers complement an already intimate experience, while an unconventional interlude propels the night into uncharted territory.

I can’t help but feel particularly honoured to have participated in this pivotal stage of Emma’s career. Should Emma continue to pursue her creative boundaries, I look forward to following her every step of the way.

Mai says:

As an album, Supercry resonates emotionally as it draws upon deeply personal experiences. As a live performance, it was a different experience altogether. Emma Louise recreates what it means to perform a gig into something that is a stunning artistic creation. Here she visually and acoustically creates a dreamscape replete with hauntingly beautiful vocals, dynamic guitar sequences, rippling synth interplayed with meticulous lighting, smoke and shadows.

As she explores the emotional purgatory that is the complexities of love, desire and nostalgia the mood created is both triumphant and troubled. Her faultless vocal, body language and facial nuances starkly contrasted her femininity against her David Bowie inspired appearance. This deliberately highlighted the raw emotional and transcending nature of her music. Beautifully choreographed dance complemented her on stage to portray the passion and turbulence of a relationship through contemporary dance.

Emma Louise is pure raw talent. Her emotionally charged narratives, depth and quality lyrics demonstrate an artistic experimentation that moves its audience into an intimate experience of vulnerability. It was a privilege to be witness to a performance that transports its audience from the aural realm in which a vocal artist inhabits to a space that is pure performance art, one that encompasses all elements of light, dance and sound.

Feature image by Frankey.

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