[Concert] Jarryd James

By Mai

Performed live on 11 July 2015 at the Forum, Melbourne.

Music in its highest form is capable of conveying the emotions we are not able to articulate.

Jarryd James’ phenomenal debut song ‘Do You Remember’ exemplifies music at its most intimate level. The raspy falsetto, layered vocals and deliberate percussion demands us to remember. As he croons ‘do you remember the way you made me feel’ it begs us to remember the moments where love has screwed us over. It reaches into us and coaxes the anger, doubt, and fears, as well as the constant hope for salvation, that we have long ago tucked away. Yet how does the complexity of his unique style translate into a live performance?

The forum was filled with fans eager to hear the man with sold out shows on the back of two singles. It is very clear that the artist is still in his formative years but filled with an immense amount of potential. Whilst it is a given that he is still discovering his stage presence, there is something undeniably appealing about James. His body language radiated an awkward, but earnest energy that made the emotional content of his tracks so accessible.

There is such an endearing quality to him and the album is one that is definitely worth keeping an eye out for. The handful of songs that we were privy to showed us a complex layering of RnB, soul and electronica with a heavy focus on elements of percussion in a similar style to his released singles. However, at present, it is difficult with the unique genre blending style James possesses to translate effectively on stage so early in his career.

Lyrically it will be interesting to see how he matures. At the moment, with the simplicity of the lyrics, his delivery will need more clarity and confidence. In a live performance there is the danger that his songs became very similar in range.

Right now, it feels as if his style is one that deserves undivided attention, undiluted by crowds or flashing lights.

Feature image courtesy of Rochelle Flock Speakertv

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