[Restaurant] Nishikian

By Frankey

Setting: lunch for two

Bill: >$60
425 Springvale Road, Forest Hill VIC 3131

There are a lot of things going for this place. For one, the service is friendly and welcoming. I’d also give points to the interior decor, which I found tastefully Japanese.

But it’s hard to find a proper Japanese restaurant in the suburbs (other than Shira Nui), and I’m not quite sure if this is it. I’m hoping they just had an off day; perhaps the chef was a little unwell or I was just there at the wrong time. Whatever the case, I couldn’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. I can’t say that I had a bad experience at Nishikian, but I would struggle with recommending it in the form that I saw it.

DSC00037-1 (Large)

Scallop sashimi ($10) – presentation was a little off.

DSC00040-1 (Large)

“Fresh” oysters ($15) – bland.

DSC00041-1 (Large)

Nasu dengaku (eggplant) – certainly the highlight; strong flavours and perfectly cooked.

DSC00042-1 (Large)

Agedashi tofu ($7) – something was missing. 

DSC00043-1 (Large)

Mochi – another highlight.

DSC00044-1 (Large)

Green tea, vanilla, and taro ice cream

All photography by Frankey Chung using his Sony RX100M3 and edited in Lightroom.

Nishikian on Urbanspoon

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