[Music] Pure Heroine by Lorde

By Frankey

Released 27 September 2013 by Universal Music Group.
Length: 37 minutes 8 seconds.
New Zealand

She starts you off with ‘Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?’ and by the time you’ve accompanied her on a wildly intimate journey through the streets of suburban Auckland, she’ll whisper her final words softly in your ear, ‘…let ‘em talk.’ Lorde’s debut album Pure Heroine is an experience through lyrically thought-provoking heaven, and it’s easy to forget she’s only 16 years old.

Pure Heroine should be experienced without distraction. Every beat deserves your undivided attention; every whisper, every layered vocal, and every pronounced word. At times the lyric is so clearly dictated, you feel like she wants to make sure you get it.

In fact, it’s important that you listen to the album in its entirety. It’s strangely satisfying listening to Lorde go through a weird struggle about how she feels towards the pop industry as a vodka sipping, hotel trashing movement, portrayed through ambiguous lyric and the occasional down-to-earth, ‘I’m kind of over gettin’ told to throw my hands up in the air.’ Whatever she’s saying at any given moment, you feel like it’s honest in the end: ‘I’ll let you in on something big; I’m not a white teeth teen. I tried to join but never did; the way they are the way they seem. It’s something else; it’s in the blood…’

Pure Heroine feels mature and poetic; it sounds insightful, raw, and revealing, all at the same time. This is pop that has been distilled down to its raw lyrics and presented to you in a refined aural substance.

Purchase Lorde: Pure Heroine on Google Play.

Cover art sourced from Universal Music Group. 

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