The Urban Scrapbook Interviews Melbourne

Interviewing emerging artists affiliated with the great city of Melbourne.

By Frankey

Published exclusively for The Urban Scrapbook

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Inside the mind of iconic artist, Shohei Otomo, and his latest sculpture, an AI achieving enlightenment

With his latest exhibition, Reiwa, Shohei Otomo showcases his ability to speculate on the future of humanity in his increasingly iconic and elegant style.

An interview with barber, John Choi

John Choi created the Good Barbershop. It’s curated cosiness, wholesome vibes, and the epitome of what it truly means to be Melburnian: chill.

An interview with fashion designer, Emma Robinson

Emma Robinson responds to her critics by sticking to what she believes in and upholding her creative identity.

An interview with fashion designer, Taliah Dimitrakakis

Fashion Designer, Taliah Dimitrakakis, is rethinking the future of fashion in a post-apocalyptic world, not so unlike the future we’re heading towards.

An interview with RnB artist, Lakshane

Lakshane returns after an incubating hiatus to show Melbourne and the world he’s coming alive.

An interview with singer, Jade Alice

With her latest single, Pretty Cool, Jade Alice has emerged as an extremely talented vocalist and producer, carving out a loyal fan-base for her lush, nostalgic sound.

An interview with fashion designer, Bianca Boyd

Bianca Boyd uses whimsical fashion design to encourage us to rethink the garment walls we encase ourselves in, asking us instead to play around in them and discover new ways of wearing.

An interview with fashion designer, Jessica Maio

Jessica Maio is reinventing glam rock vibes for a new wave of musical artists.

An interview with artist, Stacey Maree

Stacey Maree has swapped the beachy havens of the Sunshine Coast for the leafy paradise of suburban Melbourne, and the art community is reaping all of the benefits.

An interview with artist, Erin Nicholls

Self-proclaimed natural-born artist, Erin Nicholls, captures the intricate beauty of Japan using her unique style inspired by ukiyo-e and the great impressionists.